I have build this house with pride right in the middle of nature. It is large enough to offer 2 wonderfully special apartments for your holidays.

"Loft-Apartment Dhaulagiri" and "Apartment Nanga Parbat" have been named to honour the climbing of the two 8.000 m peaks by my father Herbert Schütter.

In the Apartment Nanga Parbat you shall feel the excitment of nature. The pictures and impressions of the surrounding mountains will inspire you.

Dhaulagiri in Napalese means "the white mountain" and its shape and size is unique.
The Apartment Dhaulagiri, in its form of free living with the roofs open achitecture to view it is quite specifically with 60 m² and 3,70 m room height.

It would give me great joy and pleasure to welcome you in the apartments. On that note I would like to wish you relaxation so that your holiday will be a memorable experience.

Daniel Schütter